Achievement Unlocked

No way…I did it? You mean, I worked at something, kept my nose clean and it paid off? Yes, it actually did, because I have completed the first stage of what I set out to do in the life plan.

Stupid sexy Flanders

This year I have set myself the target of having a minimum of three cycling adventures. For the first I thought it best that it should be relatively cheap, easy to get to but was in all senses of the word an event.

Keep going you fool!

How a daft cycling accident led to a discovery that changed my life forever and for the better.

Welcome to Paced

Well it’s certainly not the polished article, burt here is my opening post and introduction to what this site/blog/vlog whatever the kids are calling it these days is about.

My First Festive 500

In 2010 Rapha (they who must be obeyed) laid down a challenge to their customers; ride 500km on the eight days between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

GoPro or GoAm

This Christmas (every one in fact, everyone thinks our family is weird) I decided on my own present.