Er, why are you doing all this?

I started this blog is because I believe that is possible to have and do what you want in life just by doing the things that you love – see illustration above. And doing so without having to be born with a limitless disposable income, to have won the lottery or that if your lifetime ambition is to be bone idle.

In my case this is cycling, traveling, eating right and staying sober – all quite attainable right? But it has been a while since I have managed it. I haven’t gone away or strayed from the straight and narrow. But I have lost my focus somewhat. In short I tried to do too much. I tried to fit too much and achieve it all. I could not do it all. I made an incorrect decision and I may have trailed off into an area where I did not want to be.

I have needed support and while I have it, I have trouble taking their and my own advice at times. I wished I had the time and space and to do the things that I really want. I know and I believe that there is a way that I can accomplish these things, but it’s finding the how and I think that this might be part of the journey.

Saying that. My life has moved in the past 12 months through small changes and milestones rather than huge shifts in location. I have done things that would have never happened in previous years. I did Flanders, Bike packed in Croatia and even bought myself the car I have wanted for the past two years – There was a time I thought that would never happen.

Decisions are still be taking in the best way that they can. Difficulties are being faced head on and discussed. It’s not easy, but then I never thought it would be.

Like I said I really do have some great people around me. Even if they are not directly involved in what I want to achieve. Someone showed me the TED talk below this week and not only did it inspire me, but it also demonstrated why when I do something I believe in, people want to join in. I am still on that road.

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