It’s ok, I’ve cheered up. 

Not before fucking time either. I took some good advice and decided to stay an extra day in Split. This meant I could get settled, find a few bits and bobs and just relax. So took the car into town on the advice of my landlady who said I shouldn’t bother with the bus, and took in the sights. 

Apart from the old town, which is nice, there’s not much to see. I bought myself a cheap pair of sunnies that I got £2 off haggling, ate a vegan burger in place that could be anywhere in Europe and bought my boat ticket from a ticket office staffed solely by extremely beautiful women, all of whom are completely miserable. 

Saying that, on the whole the Croats seem to be a relaxed bunch, especially when it comes to money. Three times today I was let off paying the full price when someone said “Ah, just give me one hundred”. That seems to be the price for most things. 

I’m back at the hostel, I did myself a hostel dinner, making sure I only bought items for a single meal. I’m not adding to the free shelf if I can help it. I’m off to bed now. The plan is to make the 11.30 boat to Stali Grad and then a campsite about 10kms away. Just got to get the sleeping bag in its pack tomorrow and we’re ready to go! 

I’ve put up on this the two videos that I couldn’t earlier. I’ll try and keep up to date ​


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