Achievement Unlocked

No way…I did it? You mean, I worked at something, kept my nose clean and it paid off? Yes, it actually did, because I have completed the first stage of what I set out to do in my life plan. While this may be normal for most people, this is the first time all this seems to have come together for me and that also brings its own worries.

 The question is though, what do I do next? Am I prepared, how do I make the next set of decisions that I am faced with, and at what point will I get found out?

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  1. Matthew Elvin says:

    wow- these are really good – i’ve been looking at life style changes for myself (aimlessly plodding through life etc) and almost scoff at the ‘mantras’ that are given – but the smile you has shows they work (along with hard work and discipline etc) so without sounding patronising, a hearty and sincere well done to you! I hope I get to follow through (hahaha) on my own ‘next step’ journey someday soon! next time you’re london bound, i’ll take the afternoon off for some guidamce and mentoring! 🙂


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