Beer, I love you but we need to talk…

The beer in the picture is stored in my father’s bakery downstairs from my flat. Just before Christmas on my suggestion he bought a case of Tiny Rebel Cali American Ale with the instructions that I could help myself. One evening, with the intention of having a couple, I did. I eventually passed out at nearly 4am having gone through nearly the entire box. I knew that if I carried on drinking that’s how it would always be. So since 27 December the beers in the fridge have remained untouched

I know there are obstacles I must overcome in order that I can best enjoy the sport of cycling and get what I want from it. The first is diet, we discussed that last week. The second is to deal with my relationship with alcohol, a relationship I hopefully brought to an end last month. I have put together a short video to give the history, the reasons why and what the future hopefully might bring now that I have said goodbye to the bottle.

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