Whatcha Gonna Do?

This picture is important. I didn’t think so when I posted it or saw it, I just thought it was a bit raw and I liked it. It was me, me as I am after exercising and although it was made black and white there is no touching up. I am hairy, sweaty, scruffy and I have a paunch. In fact, there’s a layer of fat all over that isn’t needed. I don’t like the way I look, but like the picture. Then it got the most followers, the most likes and the most comments of any picture I have taken. It says a lot.

Five months before this picture was taken I had never been so complimented on the way I look in my whole life. A friend of mine who has known me for 25 years said it was the best I had every looked. I had eaten right, stayed sober and exercised outdoors. Then work took over. My focus left me and started looking after other people’s projects, their promises and their dreams.

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